• Carol Brown (2019) Field Guide for Choreography as Research Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon Researching (in/as) Motion Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts, Helsinki

    A field guide for wayfaring through the creative and institutional spaces of choreographic as reserach must necessarily be mutable, mobile and capable of weather change. Through Choreography as Research Practice, the traditional character of knowledge is usurped by a refusal to distance thinking from moving, knowing from being, thought from the material specificity of bodies. This work recognises that knowledge is always a material as well as a conceptual reality. In posing problems through dance as aesthetic, ethico-political and intellectual enquiry, research becomes activated through diverse terrains requiring topographical know-how. Becoming a wayfarer proposes a choro-philosophy that involves mobilising, mapping and writing simultaneously in relation to spaces, places and kinesthetic topographies.



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  • Maria O'Connor (2017) Uncanny Revolutions, Covering Tracks

    Artist and philosopher Maria O'Connor writes a critical-poetic text in response to SINGULARITY's performance at Q Theatre, 2nd November 2016.

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    An overview of current challenges for choreographic practitioners in negotiating spaces of and for dancing with particular reference to architectural forms of labyrinth, tomb and tower.

  • Soudan, Jerome (2008) Sacrifice of Sound Les Arts Minis One More Than Nine

    Composer and sound artist Jerome Soudan invited me to write something for his book based on our collaborative processes for Electric Fur and The Changing Room.  I describe his process as a sacrifice of sound, cruel and tender, shuddering in nervous architectures we became etched with it.

  • Brown, Carol and Ramsgard-Thomsen (2008) Dancing-Drawing Fields of Presence in SeaUnSea pp228-246 (eds) Dorita Hannah and Olav Harslof. Roskilde University, Copenhagen Performance Design Roskilde University, Copenhagen.

    Could dancing a drawing be a way to create an ephemeral space?  How can we find ways of drawing through movement using customised digital tools?  Carol Brown and Mette Ramsgard-Thomsen discuss the process of creaing SeaUnSea a real-time dance installation premiered as part of Dance Umbrella 2006.


  • Trubridge, Sam (2007) Beyond the Veil Winter/Spring 2007, Issue 30, p3-10, 8p Theatre Forum

    The article discusses the collaboration between choreographer Carol Brown and theatre architect Dorita Hannah in the production of Aarero Stone.

  • Lucy Bullivant (2006) Embodied Interfaces for Dance Responsive Environments Victoria and Albert Museum

    Lucy Bullivant describes the work of Carol Brown and Mette Ramsgard-Thomsen, The Changing Room in the context of digital developments in architecture and the shift towards a more kinesthetic understanding of construction.

  • Brown, Carol (2006) The Aesthetics of Smash and Grab pp.5-14. Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie Anarchic Dance London: Routledge
  • Claid, Emilyn (2006) Yes? No! Maybe: Seductive Ambiguity in Dance London: Routledge

    Claid discusses the solo Ocean Skin and interviews Carol about The Changing Room.

  • Brown, Carol (2005) Making Work for Our Time ChoreoForum Dance UK

    When flesh meets data what dancing then?  The question is a provocation.  What kinds of choreographic practices emerge through the integrated circuitry of dancers and digital media? And what are the possibilities for the survival of theatre dance, that most economically fragile and publically marginal of all the arts, given the omnipresence of digital media  and screen technologies? At the heart of this talk is the belief that emerging technologies can support new models of practice for choreographers without losing touch with our embodied selves and liveness. 'Making Work for our Time' and 'Making Time for our Work' was part of a day of talks presented by Dance UK as part of the Gulbenkian Programme.

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  • Brown, Carol (2004) Arteries and Avatars pp 39-51 Mary Brady Choreographic Encounters Volume 2 Cork: Institute for Choreography and Dance

    Nomadic thought, matrices, and the writings of Seamus Heaney inform this account of the research and creation of The Changing Room.

  • Josephine Leask (2004) It's Raining Dance At Dance Umbrella Flash Review

    Brown Moves through the Changing Room of the Virtual and the Real at Greenwich Dance Agency as part of Dance Umbrella.

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  • Brown, Carol (2003) dance-architecture workshop

    Isadora and Raymond Duncan Centre for Dance. 29 September - 5 October 2003

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  • Brown, Carol (2003) How we are Here: Afterthoughts on Te Pou Rahui. Unpublished article Read Article

  • Brown, Carol (2003) sight lines/fault lines: Overwriting Perspectives Ehrlich, K. & LaBelle, B Surface Tension: Problematics of Site. Errant Bodies Press, pp.227-238

    Thinking Moving Beyond the Box PARIP Keynote Address. Bristol University, September 14th 2003

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  • Carol Brown (2001) Migration and Memory: The dances of Gertrud Bodenwieser Dance Advance

    This article was originally commissioned by Dance Advance, which no longer exists as a separate entity.  The Pew Center “absorbed” content that was created by the individual initiatives prior to the Center consolidating into to three funding areas (Performance, Exhibitions & Public Interpretation, and Pew Fellowships) in 2013.

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    Adair discusses the work of Carol Brown, Wendy Houston and Liz Aggiss in the context of contemporary feminist politics.

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