From Scratch:: Heart Heart

From Scratch are a percussion and performance group who experiment with sound, number and vibration. For Heart Heart as part of Auckland Arts Festival they present early and new works fuelled by fresh collaborations with Nell Thomas and Daniel Beban (Orchestra of the Spheres), NPME, Chris O'Connor, and Pitch Black. For DrumWheel, Carol Brown will perform a sustained turning choreography. In this polyrhythmic work the Fibonacci sequence and a spiralling structure of rhythmic patterns 1 to 13 are activated visually, acoustically and kinetically. The performance features a wide assortment of instruments including Eye'drum and Bass-drum stations, tuned tongue hand-bells and water-bells, gong-tree, nun-drum, zitherum, voices and others. Rhythmic and instrumental invention lie at the heart of From Scratch and have earned the group an international reputation. 546 mooncycles and still spinning. 



09 March 2018

Premiere Venue:

Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Art Gallery





Rebecca Celebuski, Adrian Croucher, Shane Currey, Philip Dadson, Darryn Harkness, Chris O'Connor, Rachel Thomas and Carol Brown.



Carol Brown in Drum WheelCarol Brown in Drum Wheel