Sur Sur

Sur Sur is a collaboration between performance makers and visual artists from Auckland, New Zealand and Saniago, Chile.  Initiated by Marisol Vargas following her residency in New Zealand, the catalyst for the project was a desire to develop collaboration between visual artists and performance makers from the Global South who share an interest in questions of identity, belonging and artistic responses to contemporary crises through inter-arts processes.  

Over seven days, the artists met at MAC to develop inter-disciplinary exchange and creative dialogues.  The installation event, combining live performance, screen based works and installations in resposne to the provocation, 'how do we recognise  the Other?' will be premiered on 16th November and continue through an instllation / exhibition to 3rd December.  

Carol Brown presents video and performance arising from the research project Releasing the Archive and collaborates with Marisol Vargas on a choreographic installation with local dancers. 


15 November 2017

Premiere Venue:

MAC, Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile  


Carol Brown, Macarena Campbell, Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira, Dominique Goujon, Mark Harvey, Alys Iongey, Elisa Loncon, Bernardo Oyarzún, Marisol Vargas.


Alys Iongey, Elisa Loncon, Daniela Marini, Francisca Morand, Bernardo Oyarzún, Marisol Vargas, Ángel García, Natalia Bakulic, Carol Brown, Macarena Campbell, Francisca Morand

Commissioned By:

University of Chile and University of Auckland
Acts of Becoming (1995, 2017)Acts of Becoming (1995, 2017)

Sur SurSur Sur