Practice as Research Roundtable: Sensual Address in Mixed Economies

Emerging from aesthetic, experiential and critical embodiments, Practice as Research in choreography has sought to elaborate what Jenn Joy has described as the ‘possibility of sensual address’ (Joy 2014: 1).  At the same time, it bares the imprints of University paradigms and its inherent discourses. As such artistic research enters into dialogic encounters across discursive and aesthetic realms and with diverse publics.  This roundtable will investigate the nature of the practices and artefacts Practice as Research produces.  Through a series of provocations by an international group of leading artistic researchers - Vida Midgelow (UK), Carol Brown (NZ), Pil Hansen (CAN), Simon Ellis (UK/NZ) and Norah Zuniga-Shaw (USA), it asks:  

- What modes of knowledge and what forms transmission does PaR embody/utilize?

- How is ‘the choreographic' reframed by being research?

- What is the significance for artistic research when moving between a practice-led enquiry process, and the production of that research as performance within a public arts context? What has ‘legibility’ in each context?

- How might PaR challenge both the arts market and conventional academic paradigms to offer models of aesthetic engagement in the public realm?

These questions move us through epistemic and methodological concerns - giving rise to debates such as the status of documentation and archiving  – and enter us into the intersection between research and the arts market.  As such we will consider how the significance of PaR is threatened by such economies, and, in contradistinction, how it might offer models for the public intellectual more broadly.  


21 October 2017

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