We Are Here and We Are Everywhere At Once

Movement and landscape in flux, five figures wander across the landscape of Central Otago. Between the rocks and crevices they move. In this moving image installation, a collaboration with Gibson/Martelli, we explore our persistent longing for belonging in an age of virtual travel. Filmed in the raw physical landscapes of Central Otago and the Motion Capture Studio of CoLab AUT in Auckland, we map between radically different scapes. The consolations of landscape dissolve as fractures and junctures open between the memory and affect of these different atmospheres, altering our transit.  In this new cartography, that is here and everywhere, our bodies take on the rhythms of an altered place. Tracked in all dimensions, we are trackers, navigating travel to unknown and ungraspable places.




14 July 2017

Premiere Venue:

TSB Wallace Arts Trust, Pah Homestead, Auckland, New Zealand.    


Bruno Martelli

Carol Brown

Ruth Gibson

Russell Scoones


Jenny Roche, Grant McLay, Ruth Gibson, Carol Brown and Cassidy Scoones


Mt IdaMt Ida