Kinesthetic Navigations / Kinesthetic Stories


Kinesthetic Navigations / Kinesthetic Stories is an inter-disciplinary, site-dispersed, art research collaboration exploring virtual travel through bodily navigations of real and simulated environments. Involving choreography, film, sound and an array of technologies for capturing and witnessing movement, the project experiments with the mixing of virtual and real places through a process of kinesthetic navigation. This performative and visual cartography explores what it is to be here and everywhere at once. Initiated through the 6th Choreographic Coding Lab, and taking place between the Motion Capture Studio at AUT's CoLAB, and the hills of Central Otago (Mt Ida, Poolburn Reservoir and Mt Dunstan), a family of posthuman nomads navigate between remote tussocky rockscapes and the air conditioned technological void of the Motion Capture Studio.  Their experience of 'nature' is mediated through the hardware and software of digital tools including tailored motion capture suits, 360 vision and drone videography. This mode of moving for digital capture in artificial fibres but within physically insistent places, is an oblique strategy for opening creative conversations about our persistent feeling for place within a digital world. Experiencing movement in multiple dimensions through modes of capture, simulation and embodied geo-physical relations, the project oscillates between vital and virtual fields.  The kinesthetic affects of the posthuman become a way of not just knowing but navigating worlds.


11 July 2017


Bruno Martelli, Ruth Gibson, Russell Scoones, Carol Brown, Jenny Roche, Grant McLay, Nic Fay


Carol Brown, Jenny Roche, Grant McLay, Ruth Gibson, Cassidy Scoones

Grant McLay & Cassidy ScoonesGrant McLay & Cassidy Scoones