SINGULARITY blends data, dancing, music and architecture in an immersive performance that transports audiences into spaces of awe and delight. Using light, interactive 3-D design and creative technologies the Rangatira Theatre is transformed.  Clouds of data become wormholes, kites, watery walls and particle streams in response to the dancers movement. This coupling of dancer and data shapes worlds that make palpable the multiple ways that data flows permeate the present. 





02 November 2016

Premiere Venue:

Q Theatre, Auckland CBD


Architectural Design - Uwe Rieger

Choreography - Carol Brown

Programming and Design - Yinan Liu and Ying Maio

Sound Design - Russell Scoones

Music - Jerome Soudan

Costumes - Kasia Pol

Lighting - Sean Curham


Zahra Killeen-Chance, Adam Naughton and Solomon Holly-Massey

Commissioned By:

arc / sec lab
Adam NaughtonAdam Naughton