An interactive dance-sonic-architecture event, SINGULARITY breathes life into data. Dancing with pixels that shape mutable architectural forms, three performers manipulate clouds of data to a live electronic techno mix. 3D holographic forms, visible as light particles penetrate and interact with the dancer’s active space. A dynamic haptic, intra-active space unfolds as an altered reality through the sensory address of touch, rhythm, gesture and breath. Physical movement and data form intermixed states perceived through transforming arcs of light. This media induced transformation generates an ecstatic, multi-scalar sequencing of physical-virtual states. The dancers become the experiential interface through which virtual and physical movement becomes ‘real’.  Flows of data materialize as wormholes, kites, watery walls and magnetic particle streams suggesting imaginative possibilities for future habitations in virtual cities.  

SINGULARITY has been developed through a collaboration between architect Uwe Rieger and the Open Media Lab (the University of Auckland), choreographer Carol Brown (Carol Brown Dances) and the electronic techno sound artist, Jerome Soudan (Mimetic). 


02 November 2016

Premiere Venue:

Q Theatre, Auckland CBD


Architectural Design - Uwe Rieger

Choreography - Carol Brown

Programming and Design - Yinan Liu and Ying Maio

Sound Design - Russell Scoones

Music - Jerome Soudan

Costumes - Kasia Pol

Lighting - Sean Curham & Margie Medlin


Zahra Killeen-Chance, Adam Naughton and Solomon Holly-Massey

Commissioned By:

arc / sec lab
Adam NaughtonAdam Naughton