Film Series #1

What has been abandoned in the wake of progress?

Two women are making a film with a sense-machine. Splicing between scenes from archival films about 1960s New Zealand, their gestures recompose image and text. As they play with the past they compose a different kind of future.  Performing at the threshold between the analogue and the digital, extending the reach of their gestures with virtual touch, they create a new habitat where their movements take on a distinctly reptilian quality connecting them with a distant past.

Film Series #1 combines dance and choreography with physical computing, wearable technology, interaction, film, video and lighting design. This retrograde work brings new and old practices and technologies together. 

Premiered as part of Prime in TEMPO 2014.


10 October 2014

Premiere Venue:

Q Theatre, The Loft, Auckland CBD


Media Design - Anne Niemetz

Lighting and Film - Margie Medlin

Choreography - Carol Brown



Zahra Killeen-Chance

Julie Van Renen


Commissioned By:

TEMPO 2014
Zahra Killeen-Chance in Film Series #1Zahra Killeen-Chance in Film Series #1