Maybe, a man and a woman swallowed by space

This duet for Bare Bones was remounted for their October 2011 10 Year Anniversary Tour, Bare Bones The Decade.  Maybe was included in a programme of iconic solos and duets from previous productions including works by Hofesh Schechter, Charlotte Vincent, Jasmin Vardimon and Luca Silvestrini.

Maybe was initially made the year of the Space Shuttle Colombia  disaster in 2003.  Shortly before it was scheduled to conclude its 28th mission, the Space Shuttle Colombia disintegrated over Texas during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere resulting in the loss of all seven crew members.  I began the piece with the simple gesture of looking up and inviting perception of the what if of space travel and the human stories it catalyses towards unknown destinies.  For this re-working of the piece I was reminded that my initial plan for the piece was always going to be shaped by the qualities and unique physicalities of the dancers.  I am delighted we have been able to rework it – between New Zealand and the UK -  a process that has happened  without the need to fly through space but with the  remote presencing of online communication.




05 October 2011


Dancers:  Omar Gorden and Suzanne Firth

Music:  Russel l Scoones

Commissioned By:

Bare Bones, DanceXchange