Performing the archive.

Mnemosyne was the Greek goddess who personified memory and presided over a pool of remembrance in Hades. The concept for this installation designed by Dorita Hannah with sound by Russell Scoones is to re-present fragments of 3 productions created between 2005 and 201 - Aarero Stone, Her Topia and Tongues of Stone - through a performance installation that engages with the mythical figure of Mnemosyne and her pool of remembranceThrough the use of objects, garments, suspended or embedded, choreographic gestures and sounds the installation both archives and animates memories and  histories of  these past productions. Carol Brown catalogues, maps and reconstructs phrases and artefacts suspended or embedded in the Fly-Tower (NZ's national pavilion), enfleshing these fleeting appearances with melancholic desire.

Mnemosyne was selected for inclusion in the National Exhibit for New Zealand at the Prague Quadrenniale for Performance Design and Space 2011 and was performed daily in the Veletztrni Palace.  A preview of this event was held as part of the Visual Arts Programme for the Auckland Arts Festival 8-12th March 2011.



16 June 2011

Premiere Venue:

5-13th March Auckland Arts Festival 2011 15-26 June Prague Quadrenniale 2011


Dorita Hannah - Performance Design

Russell Scoones - Sound Design

Carol Brown - Choreography and Performance


Carol Brown

Commissioned By:

PQ National Exhibition Curators for New Zealand
Carol Brown in MnemosyneCarol Brown in Mnemosyne