What wakes you and what keeps you awake?

 REVOLVE sheds light on the ‘stuff’ dreams are made of, the night-stories and bodily states that shape our sleeping hours. This intimate work premiered in the GeoDome as part of Christchurch's Body Festival 4-5th October 2011.  Through a mytho-poetic journey, I invited audiences to experience a series of states tracing the path of the sleeper’s mind and body from dusk to dawn.  Driven by a curiosity about the body, its rhythms and potential for change, the work alludes to the planetary, physiological and personal cycles that round our lives. Wearing a sensor skin-suit that interacts with light, speed and balance, my movements shape the sound world as I explore the sonic perceptual thresholds of the choreographic score.  At once visceral and technologically mediated wired nature provides a platform for exploring the internal life of the body.

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08 October 2011

Premiere Venue:

Geo Dom, Hagley Park, Christchurch


Media Design:  Anne Niemetz

Light Design:   Margie Medlin

Sleep Science:  Phillipa Gander

Costume Design:  Christina Houghton

Sound Design: Russell Scoones


Carol Brown

Commissioned By:

The Body Festival