Tongues of Stone

Every stone in this city will become a tongue to tell my story (Ovid, Metamorphosis)

As a site-sensitive dance-architecture event, Tongues of Stone transformed Perth into a network of stories experienced through movement, sound and imagery. Led from underground to riverview, the mobile audience mapped the city and its invisible histories, through a soundscape of  multiple voices.  A woman who has lost her tongue struggles to communicate with her newly wed sister; another reads her body like the map of a city that is both foreign and familiar; a chorus of water-carriers remember and trace tributaries of ancient wetlands; and a girl-band plays their bodies like angry instruments against the concrete facades.   Tongues of Stone re-imagines Perth as a place of many stories streaming through its streets, laneways and civic sites. 

'Tongues of Stone's strength is its ability to highlight forgotten features of the city - to make the mundane appear alien and even beautiful...Tongues of Stone is a visually arresting work that casts a new light on urban spaces.' Dance Review:  The Western Australian.

Link to You Tube:  http://youtu.be/F1snTjrlMeM





08 April 2011


Concept - Carol Brown and Dorita Hannah

Choreography - Carol Brown 

Design - Dorita Hannah

Music/Sound - Russell Scoones

Producer - Agnes Michele

Produced by STRUT Company in association with Curtin University 

Design Assistants: Lauren Skogstad  and Sarah Burrell

Reserach Assistant:  Becca Wood


Commissioned By:

Tongues of StoneTongues of Stone