Carol Brown Dances perform in the opening of Lip(S)  an exhibition curated by Claire Ulenberg exploring the multitudinous ways of being a woman and living in New Zealand. The title Lip(S) is in part inspired by the third wave feminist movement of Lipstick feminism, which embraces and reclaims the power of the feminine body and sexuality. It also acknowledges the psychoanalytic theory of Luce Irigaray (This Sex Which Is Not One) and her work on creating a Western feminist discourse based on sexuate subjectivity.  For this event, a trio revolves to the live percussion score of Phil Dadson and Chris O'Connor and duets unfold beneath the concrete organs of the silos opening the sensual address of the body to elliptical transformations.   Lip(S) is a multi-sensory and layered experience presenting different perspectives on the body and art. It includes works by Gill Gatfield, Peata Larkin, Courtney Sina Meredith, Phil Dadson and Sharonagh Montrose. 


01 February 2019

Premiere Venue:

Silo 6, Auckland Waterfront


Russell Scoones

Phil Dadson

Chris O'Connor


Neza Jamnikar

Emilia Rubio

Jasmin Canuel