Singularity :: drawing spaces + breathing spaces

SINGULARITY :: drawing spaces + breathing spaces is a two part performance blending data, dance, music and architecture in a 360-degree haptic-digital environment.  Marked with tracking devices, three performers become an experiential interface, transforming virtual and physical movement into mutable architectural spaces.  Large 3D holographic constructions are  interactively drawn and moved by the dancers in a space defined by a live-render program, motion-tracking cameras, projection, and haze particles, A digitaly augmented world materializes as wormholes, kites, watery walls and magnetic particles. Audience and performer experience an intermixing of techno sound, movement and data through immersive transforming arcs of light. 


07 September 2017

Premiere Venue:

Postcity, Linz, Austria.


Creative Directors: Uwe Rieger (architecture), Carol Brown (choreography)

Design and programming: Yinan Liu

Design and graphics: Ying Miao

Music: Jérome Soudan (Mimetic) and Russell Scoones

Lighting: Margie Medlin


Zahra Killeen-Chance, Adam Naughton, Solomon Holly-Massey

Commissioned By:

Ars Electronica 2017, Festival for Art, Technology and Society
Adam NaughtonAdam Naughton