Lungsong is a gathering and a rallying of performers  who create and exchange breaths in  protest and lament, contemplating and confronting climate chaos. Singing  a new dialect, a 'babble' of syllables and movement, they create their own war and peace ceremonies, uniting in rituals. Shifting between realities, they take on different identities,  inhabiting virtual avatars, they become environmental warriors who travel through solar and data dust clouds.  They sing and howl from the edge of the world, and the edges of seven heavens. The echoes of their songs awaken struggling hearts and activate minds. 

The sound of the sun, waiata of wind, the movement of breaths, five performers  sing, dance and speak to the chaos. Drawing on ceremony with a punk attitude, fearless and furious, their beautiful anger cuts the air. This ecstatic and theatrical experience is a powerful lament, a performance cosmology. Moving between fact and fiction, illusion and disillusion, the performance dramaturgy invites audience to witness and experience the temper(ature) of our times.



13 November 2018


Choreography by Carol Brown   | Sound Design by Russell Scoones



Emilia Rubio, Maryam Besami Nagheri, Jasmin Canuel, Tia Reihana and Amir Shahmohammadi.

Lungsong SalonLungsong Salon

Jasmin CanuelJasmin Canuel