From breaching breaths to wild dialects with the clouds, LungSong brings attention and feeling to the scientific labor of climate change research through an activation of  relations between bodies, airs, atmospheres and cosmologies.  Catalysed by a residency at the Lauder Atmospheric Research Station (NIWA) and meetings with scientists and technicians who are involved in ‘ground truth’ readings and data collection of the changes taking place in our atmosphere due to global warming,  LungSong is an eco-feminist response to the temper(ature) of our times. This work developed over 14 months through a collaboration between artists and scientists through workshops, residencies and a series of public events and interventions including: First Breaths (Neon Lounge); Political Breathing (IDOCDE, Impulstanz); Track Zero (Auckland Museum); Performing Ecologies (University of Otago); Lip(s) (Silo 6); ArtSpark (Corbans Estate, Auckland) and Living Archive of Breath (The Festival of Colour, Wanaka). LungSong is an ongoing event of reckoning with the state we are in - responsive and resistive, eruptive and sensing - it is shaped by the living experience of planetary and human breaths and the writings of Luce Irigaray. Performed on the rooftop of Lopdell House, beneath the breathing sky and surrounded by the lungs of the Waitakere bush, audience were invited to encounter the work in their own time and in proximity to it. 


13 April 2019

Premiere Venue:

Lopdell House, Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand


Choreography by Carol Brown   | Sound Design by Russell Scoones



Emilia Rubio, Maryam Besami Nagheri, Jasmin Canuel, Tia Reihana, Amir Shahmohammadi and Libby Johns. 

Commissioned By:

EcoWest Festival