Bones, Breaths & Buildings

Bones, Breaths & Buildings is an inter-generational work made by a devising process incorporating site and studio research in Auckland.  Zooming under, scaling above, reaching through, boys and men activate the city by marking, mapping and making.  Moving between dimensions, time and space warps. 



08 July 2018

Premiere Venue:

XSpace, Adelaide, Australia


Directed by Clare Battersby and Company with choreographer, Carol Brown

Music by Caspar Hawksley and Russell Scoones

Vocals by Stanley Browne, Cassidy Scoones, Jojo Lewis and Peace Africa

Drumming by Mabingo Alfdaniels




Stanley Browne, Cassidy Scoones, Charles Aitkens, Thomas Rhodes,  Jojo Lewis, Alfdaniels Mabingo, Lance Cablk, Hamish McIntosh and James Lobaton.

Bones, Breaths and BuildingsBones, Breaths and Buildings