Dancing Sculpture

Dancing Sculpture was a programme of three works presented alongside the Brave New World Exhibition of art from the 1930s at the National Gallery Victoria in Melbourne.  Invited by curator, Rachel Fensham (The University of Melbourne), Carol recreated Gertrud Bodenwieser's  iconic dance,'The Demon Machine' (1924) with students from the Victoria College of the Arts; performed her solo homage to the artistic legacy of Bodenwieser, 'Acts of Becoming' (1994, 2017) and premiered the dance film, 'Releasing Her Archive'. Presented on Level 3 outside the exhibition, these works were presented through NGV's public programmes and were associated with a One Day Symposium, 'Leap into the Modern'. 


09 August 2017

Premiere Venue:

National Gallery Victoria, Ian Potter Centre, Level 3, Melbourne, Australia


Curator Rachel Fensham

Choreographer / Performer  Carol Brown

Reconstruction Adviser Shona Dunlop-MacTavish, Terry MacTavish and Barbara Cuckson

Rehearsal Direction Jenny Kinder and Nina Veretennikova

Video editor/ designer Owa Barua

Costume designer Alice Edgeley

Composer Russell Scoones (Acts of Becoming; Releasing Her Archive)

Composer Lisa Mayer (The Demon Machine)

Pianist John Graying

Producer Natalie Smith



Phaedra Brown, Jazmyn Carter, Hayley Roe, Thalia Livingstone and Rachel Mackie.


Commissioned By:

Melbourne University
VCA Dancers in The Demon Machine (1924) recreation by Carol BrownVCA Dancers in The Demon Machine (1924) recreation by Carol Brown