Dancing Aloud A Performance Lecture

10 years 41 collaborators 21 dances 22 countries. What remains of all those dances?

Following a decade of performances around the world Carol Brown wrote to the dancers, architects, designers, composers, filmmakers and visual artists she has collaborated with and invited them to send a memory of their experience.  She moves through their memories, re-drawing a map of choreographies from Philadelphia to Finland, and from Cork to Calcutta, performing the archive and making audible its hidden stories.

Premiered TAPAC, Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland, New Zealand 2nd Oct 2007.  Performed ICIA, Bath 16th Feb 2008; Adroitness, Arts Depot London 8 March 2008.



Premiere Venue:

Tapac, Auckland


Sound Russell Scoones

Video Abigail Norris

Texts Shanti Freed, Simone Aughterlony, Catherine Gardner, Catherine Bennett, Vicky Manderson, Esther Rolinson, Delphine Gaborit, Lisa Torun, Dorita Hannah, Niki Cousineau, Gin MacCallum, Russell Scoones and Michael Mannion


Carol Brown

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